If you are selling your old car, it is only normal that you would be trying to get the best price possible. While a Sydney cash for cars company can offer you a suitable price, you would still have to do your part to secure the best deal. By taking the right approach, you can maximise the money earned from selling away a junk car.

How would a Sydney cash for cars company price your car?

Several factors come into play while pricing an old car. Some of the aspects that a cash for cars company would consider are:

  • The condition of your car: Of course, the better condition your car is in, the more money the company can earn from reselling it or its components.
  • Make and model: If you are selling a drivable car, the price would also depend on the demand for the said model in the current market.
  • Scrap quantity: In case your car is in a very poor state and the company would be scrapping it, the amount of recyclable material the car can provide would determine the price too.

How to make more money from a junk car?

You may follow these steps to get a better price for your old car:

  1. Invest in repairs

At a time when you are selling away your junk car, repairing or repainting it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, right? Well, this is actually untrue, as repairing at least some of the components and giving the car a fresh coat of paint can greatly increase its value. This way, investing a small amount of money in carrying out some repairs can help you secure a far better deal.

  1. Take the car to the company’s yard yourself

The leading cash for cars companies offer a free towing service to collect the car and move it to their yard. You could check with the company to see if they would give you a better price if you do it yourself and save them the hassle of towing. Moreover, if your car is still in a driveable state, it would be a good idea to show that by driving it to the location.

  1. Ready all the relevant paperwork

Before you approach the cash for cars company, ready all the paperwork regarding the maintenances that your car has undergone so far. A car that received properly and regularly would be more likely to fetch a better price. In this regard, it would also be helpful if you can provide documents regarding the car’s ownership and registration.

How to find the most profitable cash for cars Sydney service?

Quite naturally, the price of your junk car would vary from one cash for cars company to another. To get the best offer, find the leading cash for cars Sydney companies near you and check how much they are willing to pay. Some of the best companies may even pay you up to USD 9000 for a damaged car. Putting in some effort to find the right company can help you secure a great price for your car.

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