Daily commuting is a daily nightmare for most workers. We travelling a long road to attain our job and having a better life but sometimes we forget that it may bring us some stress. Especially for those who bring their own car to their workplace, they must gain a lot of stress on the way because of daily traffic. There will be some bad effect because of this activity yet we have some suggestion for you to make your daily commuting better.

Daily commuting can make our health poorer. A study found that long-distance commuters were 40 per cent more likely to separate from their spouses than those who worked closer to home. There also another study that found heart attack survivors were more than three times as likely to report having been stuck in traffic within an hour of the attack; study suggests that the cardiac strain was due to exhaust fumes, traffic-related stress, or both. Also, those who exposed to high levels of traffic pollution had poorer semen quality and lower sperm motility than men who were not. People with long commutes are also more likely to report neck and back pain, high cholesterol, and body mass indices (BMIs) that qualify as obese.

Besides the direct effect on our body, commuting also brings a bad effect on our mental health. The stress on the road can affect our performance on work and can bring bad influence to our life at home. Driving in bad condition can ended up with aggression. The stress that we gain on the road can impact our interaction with other people, our mood, and our performance. It also can cause anxiety that affected more to women than men. According to some research, working women with children felt the most stress from commuting because of they, more than men, experience deadlines at both ends of the commute.

So, what can you do to help reducing stress because of our daily commute? These are some suggestions. First, you can do a simple stretching on our way driving the road along commuting time. You can do tilt your right ear down toward your right shoulder to stretch the left side of your neck, do breathe and hold for then seconds at a red light. You can repeat the other side if you still have time or at the following red light. You also can stretch your back by holding the wheel at 10 and 2 then rounding your back to help you expand the space between your shoulder blades.

Second, you are also suggested bringing some stress lowering snacks such as walnuts. Any kind of rich vitamin C food is good for your daily commuting such as oranges and red bell paper that in a cup contain nearly 300 per cent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C.

In addition, having a calming scent on your car can also bring beneficial effect to lover your stress level during commuting. Some aromatherapy especially lavender can do well for this. Clinical trials have explored lavender’s ability to successfully reduce anxiety in dental procedures, outpatient surgery, test-taking, and endoscopy. The best way to keep the benefit from scent is by using a car aromatherapy diffusers that plug into the lighter outlet so the aroma can be distributed well. Placing a few drops of essential oil on a tissue on the dashboard works too.

The last, you are recommended to upgrade your car when you think it’s already too old or not comfortable anymore. Any kind of unwanted, damaged, and an old car can make our driving uncomfortable. We suggest you contact us as your Sydney Cash For Cars company when you need to gain some bucks on your uncomfortable cars and start having a new one.

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